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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 14, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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here to welcome back those who have chosen to come back to san bruno and rebuild after the deadly fire that decimated an entire neighborhood. it has been 20 months since the pg&e natural gas pipeline ruptured killing eight people and the pain is still raw. lawmakers who represent victims of that blast say legislation to keep utilities focused on safety is their priority. >> today i'm introducing legislation to hold executives more accountable both to their customers and to their shareholders. >> reporter: outside pg&e's annual shareholders meeting peninsula lawmaker jerry hill outlined bill 861 which would keep utilities from using rate pairs money for executive bonuses. it would also allow the state to take back bonuses from the heads of utilities that have been fined for safety violations. >> this legislation will put some checks and balances in place to ensure that pg&e executives stay focused on great
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service for the years ahead. >> reporter: he says he's outraged by what happened in 2011 when he claims former pg&e ceo peter darby left the company with a $30 million severance package amidst the aftermath of the september 9, 2010, pipeline blast. >> solving a problem -- >> reporter: tony says the legislation is unnecessary since the company already uses shareholder money for executives incentive payments. >> it's unfortunate that the assembly continues to focus on the past rather than looking at the work that we've done to improve the system and the work we've done across the board in restructuring the company. >> reporter: he says they're in the process of settling claims of victims of the explosion. as the battles carry on in court and in the legislature, families in san bruno are slowly moving back into the affected neighborhood. two families are already home. three others will be coming home
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soon and 23 others are in the stages of rebuilding. you can see this is a neighborhood in the transition process that this community has had through this entire experience that they are committed to healing and moving forward. live in san bruno, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, kimberly. protesters greeted pg&e shareholders arriving today. the group holding signs and chanting calling for an end to smart meters they maintain lead to health problems and an exorbitant increase in the utility bills. one member went inside to present the share hold wers a petition and asked if they considered the dropout fee. >> the constant pulse radiation 24/7, the health and the cost i think is the main thing, yeah, and the privacy. they'll be able to tell what we're using in the home and when we're using it, how much we're
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using it. >> right now the way it stands it costs $75 to have the device removed and then there's a $10 monthly opt-out fee thereafter. south bay teachers held a protest of their own today. the allen rock educators association demonstrated ahead of tonight's school board meeting which is under way right now. the plan to discuss stalled contract talks. after 21 negotiation sessions, talks remain at a standstill and the sticking point is health care costs. >> we are asking for compensation in benefits, since our benefits have increased approximately 40% and we have two years or so. >> teachers claim that k-8 elementary school district has enough reserves to give them their first raise in five years. >> california is nearly $16 with billion in the whole. to put that number in perspective we owe morme money
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than 81 countries actually generate. governor brown is proposing deemer cuts to social services. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us from oakland this evening with the new details. good evening, jodi. >> reporter: raj, governor jerry brown delivered the gloomy budget news this morning. he says californians are going to have to brace for bigger cuts than expected and that's a direct result of living beyond our means. >> i'm upset. i'm really upset because this is affecting my family. >> reporter: that's how many people are feeling after governor jerry brown announced his plans to bridge a huge budget hole. recipients like belle could soon be losing their welfare-to-work benefits as the governor looks for ways to cut state spending. >> i'm worried about how i'm going to support my family now, how i'm going to support my 10-year-old daughter, the income, where am i going to get the income. it is going to go, where am i
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going to support my mom and my daughter? >> reporter: cal works is one of the many programs that will take a hit. governor jerry brown announced the budget deficit is much bigger than he predicted. back in january brown estimated the budget shortfall at $9 billion. he says it's now grown to nearly $16 billion. >> there has to be a balance and a day of reckoning. this is the type of a day of reckoning and we have to take the medicine. >> reporter: and things could get even uglier. the governor warns if his tax initiative fails in november, the ax will paul it to the tune of $6 billion more and schools will take the brunt of it. >> we will say no, then we'll have the trigger cuts and it will be felt as we if felt the cal state campuses and we felt in every school district in the state. that's where it will be felt. >> reporter: now the governor
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also proposed a 5% pay cut for state workers. we understand that could also mean that some state offices would be open four days instead of five. in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. all right. mao to the social offering. facebook prepares to go public this week. the most anticipated ipo in years is expected to pump more than a billion dollars into the state's coffers by the end of next year. as jane wells reports from palo alto, the timing could save the newly minted billionaire a bundle. >> reporter: facebook's timing and going public now has a lot to do with california's ever-growing budget deficit and here is why. when facebook has its ipo later this week, it's going to create a lot of instant millionaires among its employees. those employees at least on paper will be rich with stock options and they can start selling those stock options but not for at least six months, and this is why the timing is important. in california the profits you make on the sale of stocks are
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taxed as regular income and now governor brown wants voters to approve an income tax hike starting next year. so by going public this week, facebook, if they wish, will sell the stock options before the end of the year, before any tax hike kicks in. now this may actually be good for california because even though the tax rate will be lower if they cash out in 2012, it will also be an incentive to cash out at least a little bit and paying at least some taxes now. when we really need it. in palo alto, i'm jane wells. >> thank you, jane. all weeklong we will harness the power of cnbc along the resources of nbc bay area to cover the ipo from every angle. only here will you see the depth of experience and resources to show you how the social offering impacts the bay area. coming up at 6:30, scott budman takes you inside what some are calling the next year's version of facebook and, yes, they're
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hiring, too. >> uc berkeley police moved in on protesters this morning to reclaim a site in albany. you see our shots from the helicopter there. dozens of officers in riot gear lined up outside the ten acre plot occupied by protesters around 6:00 a.m. this morning and then moved in and cleared out the campus. most agreed not to camp anymore. it allows uc faculty and students to begin their research on that land. >> this is meticulous research that needs to happen here and you can't do good science when you have a few uninvited, untrained guestses roaming around what is an open air laboratory. >> nine people were arrested and could be charged with misdemeanors. >> a pill mill. that's what investigators say a south bay doctor is running. she was arraigned this afternoon. investigators say the 69-year-old prescribed large quantities of prescription drugs to undercover officers without performing examinations or even
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reviewing medical records. she faces charges for knowingly prescribing drugs to addicts. a number of patients were arrested for reselling some of the same prescriptions. did you see the peloton cruising through town? this has become one of the most prestigious cycling events in the world. stage tour of the tour of california. today's route from san francisco down highway 1 and into the hills before ending in santa cruz. it started on the marina green. here is joe rosato jr. >> reporter: they might not be the biggest names in the sporting world, but riders on the amgen tour of california got a royal welcome this morning from cycling fans on san francisco's marine. as riders readied for the start of their stage two trek to santa cruz, they and their bikes were studi studied, photographs, and mobbed by an adoring public. >> just waiting to see who comes out now. >> reporter: ron and his son made the journey to see the
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start of the second leg of the race. first they stake out the trailer of the veteran racer. dino traveled from stockton to see the racers in person. >> in no other sport can you really get this close to the athletes. >> reporter: it had the feel of nascar for bicycles, fans mingled with riders and crews and the occasional psycycling celebrity sighting. >> i got a really good one right with levi. i turned around and he was coming right at me. >> reporter: it wasn't just the fans impressed. rider joe dombrovski was taking part as his first race as part after temt in development. >> i was thinking yesterday, you get to look around and you're riding with the best guys. these are the guys just a few years ago i was watching on tv and thinking maybe some day i'll be there and now we're here. >> reporter: for all the waiting around, fans were treated to
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about 30 seconds of riding as the team pedaled out of the marina green. an hour later they cruised through half moon bay. >> it's hard to get to see them, so it's really good to see a big race here in california. >> reporter: it may not have all the hype and following as european cycling racing but here the course along the diverse landscape held its own with any place. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> a colorful event and it continues to go down towards the southern part of the state. now 22-year-old peter soggin won today as setting stage. he was the winner of yesterday's stage one. >> still ahead at 6:00, a surprising announcement by yahoo!'s outgoing ceo in the wake of that resume scandal. the personal battle he's now facing. got allergies? they may put you at a higher risk of developing eye infections. i'll show you why coming up.
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and it's the wine region but are you safe driving in napa and sonoma counties? looking into duis in wine country. all right, good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the bay area weather center. we are tracking showers off to the north, even some pockets of heavier rainfall. we'll let you know our chances of getting any of that this evening. our tuesday will be warming up. we'll have details in an upec an da down forecast in that full seven day in a few minutes. (sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. [muffled] i am sir can-a-lot. i am sir can-a-lot,
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well, it's certainly the premiere wine growing area. as the investigative unit discovered, the area is dealing with a high number of drivers getting behind the wheel while incox tated. >> reporter: we pored through
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three years of violations. year after year napa and sonoma counties posted the highest dui rates in the bay area. >> i think a lot of that is our aggressiveness in dealing with drunk drivers. >> reporter: on a recent saturday afternoon we rode along with sergeant paul from the napa police department. within 20 minutes of starting the interview, a call for a possible dui off highway 29. one of the main roads in and out of napa. it's pretty early. it's, what? >> 4:11. >> reporter: dui? >> they happen all the time. it is a little bit earlier than we would normally see. >> reporter: according to the department of motor vehicles most recent du ireport sonoma cou county had the second highest rate of drunk driving arrests in the bay area this in 2010. napa county ranked number one. both are above the average rate of dui arrests in the area and
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the state. are you surprised that there are so many duis given in napa and sonoma? >> not really but we are proud of the fact we are careful about what we do. >> the wineries want to blame it on the locals. >> reporter: still, megan believes the problem of drinking and driving is infused in the cu culture here. she is with the local prevention group that found a third of those busted for duis had their last drink at a licensed business such as a bar or winery. >> all of us are at risk if somebody else is on the road drinking and driving. >> reporter: we discovered though the rates of dui arrests are high in wine country, more people were killed or injured in drunk driving accidents in other bay area counties. tonight at 11:00, more in our full investigation including who is actually getting duis. tourists or locals. jessica? >> thank you. we'll see you at 11:00. if you have a tip for the
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investigative unit call us 888-996-tips oregon an e-mail. >> following an officer involved shooting that happened around 11:00 last night. here is the map. an officer shot a suspect in the face during a struggle on parrish road. authorities in napa say the vug l occurred after a foot chase that began behind the nearby 7-eleven. contreras is in a medically induced coma. the officer has been placed on leave which is standard procedure after a shooting. at nearly the same time around 11:00 last night, a police officer fired a gunshot during an assault in san francisco. two officers say they heard a woman scream before spotting her wrestling with a man. the suspect was allegedly trying to steal the woman's purse. the officer says the suspect pulled a gun as they approached. one of the officers then fired a shot but no one was hit. the suspect dropped his weapon and was taken into custody.
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>> a smooth solution, road crews in oakland are on a mission to fill thousands of potholes across the city. the public works department is in the midst of what they call an eight-week blitz. crews repaired 750 of them. last week 780. the goal is to eliminate more than 3,500 potholes. city officials say crews are taking an aggressive approach in making permanent repairs whenever possible. veit signs are up warning drivers that the speed limit has changed. it's now 15 miles an hour. it use d to be 25. san francisco is the first large city in the state to make that change. the goal obviously is to improve pedestrian safety at nearly 200 schools in the city, both public and private. a state law passed in 2008 allows cities to implement the speed zone on two laen vets within a 500-foot radius of any school. let's bring in our meteorologist jeff ranieri. an odd day weatherwise for most
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of the bay area. >> compared to what we had, the temperatures well above average. today the low clouds and the fog with us. it did keep us cooler across the coastline. 64 in san francisco. low 70s in san jose. 70 in concord and 68 in san rafael. out to our live hd sky camera network and it is relatively clear in downtown san francisco but that onshore know increasing and also that haze starting to build as we are expecting low clouds to form here for tonight. let's transition over to radar. we are tracking activity across the sierra very, very close to the area. most of this will be staying up near redding, red bluff and chico. we're not expecting any of this to extend down tonight. that's the good news. we'll stay dry. however, this cooling breeze that brought the fog will still stay in place as we head into tomorrow morning. that will keep the onshore flow with us and even potentially
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some low clouds to our interior sections like livermore, walnut creek, up to napa with conditions in the mid to upper 40s, also the low clouds for redwood city to start with 47, 50 in los gatos and low clouds as far south as san jose with santa cruz expecting 47. now on our day planner that fog that's thickest at the coastline around 8:00 a.m. and the clouds here throughout the bay and the inland region and then as we head throughout the day the clouds will clear aross the bay and the interior section where numbers should be popping into the mid to upper 70s. one of those weeks we'll go up and then back down again and then back up. this next system looks to rise as we head later on this week providing cooling drizzle and we'll detail all of that for you in that full seven-day forecast later on in the show. so a lot to still look forward to in the world of weather. >> thank you, jeff. a special celebration for a 111-year-old woman in the east bay. her place in history and her
6:21 pm
secret to longevity. >> also ahead, important research for people with hiv or aids. the deadly condition they're more at risk of getting. and get ready to dig deeper. the potential changes for tickets to distracted drivers. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices.
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32 suspects are in police custody as a result of a federal and state multiagency effort just last week. eight teams of officers brought in the suspects. they also recovered several g s guns. the suspects are wanted for serious crimes including murder, felony assault, robbery, and burglary. no one was injured during this three-day sweep. >> now the state's marshall
6:24 pm
service will take violent criminals, fugitives and sex offenders off the street. >> he attempted 123 services and we found 32 assaults. if you do the math it's probably 90 something that are still left. >> police chief howard jordan we heard from there told reporters that his department will not be able to take part in such a massive sweep in the future due to budget cuts in oakland. >> hang up or go hands free. the cost for using your cell phone while driving could go up soon. the new fine was approved by the senate today. it's up from $20 to $30. but the actual cost could climb to nearly $200 for first time offenders once the court fees are collected. this will prohibit psych columnists from talking or te texting on a cell phone. the money will go to driver ed programs. also, kids love them but so does bacteria. that's why a santa rosa worker is pushing for new safety requirements at fast food restaurants that have playgrounds. the bill was sponsored by the
6:25 pm
assemblyman to expand food safety laws to cover indoor and outdoor play structures. they can be breeding grounds for illnesses causing bacteria and they're not always well maintained. the bill now goes to the senate. >> here is a wonderful sight and it's the live sight frozen every 30 seconds. yosemite valley can be as close as your keyboard. you see the spring snow belt roar down the falls courtesy of this webcam. you are looking at it now. the nonprofit group turned on this hd camera and three others today. the picture changes every 30 seconds but so many people logged on today it slowed down just a bit. >> it is beautiful. still ahead tonight at 6:00, another magazine cover controversy. this time it involves president obama. so what's the connection to gay marriage? >> i'm scott budman. the facebook ipo is getting all the attention, but what about other companies that are growing and hiring? coming up, why silicon valley is
6:26 pm
booming all over. and i'm janelle wang. the crisis in syria crosses the boa border. presidential candidate ron paul makes a major announcement.
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the big shake-up in sunnyvale. it happened yesterday but tonight we're learning more about yahoo!'s move to oust its ceo. like usual, there's a lot more to the story. >> let's bring in scott budman. scott, we understand the former ceo isn't exactly leaving because of just resume gate. >> he is leaving at least partially because he has thyroid canc cancer. the former ceo who held the job for four months says his cancer is treatable. thompson, of course, was under
6:29 pm
extreme pressure to step down after it was revealed that he lied on his resume. it is being report that had thompson will take home $7 million for his four-month stint as yahoo! ceo. better news from the net and this one comes from groupon, the dot-com coupon company reporting better than expected earnings tonight. it was a rough day for your money, though, on wall street largely because of jpmorgan. today fallout from that company's reported trading loss of at least $2 billion last week including a shake-up at the top. morgan's chief investment officer stepping down. the white house confirms the securities and exchange commission is now looking into those big banking losses. and then there is facebook set to bring a big dose of good news to the stock market but it's not just wall street that will benefit from facebook's strategy. tonight we visit another company with a young ceo, super fast growth and time for a little fun, too.
6:30 pm
it's a fast-paced world these days. a new headquarters hiring like crazy and, yeah, cloud storage may not sound as sexy as social networking but box is in a $290 billion business, and that's sexy. >> it's a very big market. the technology is disruptive. >> reporter: that is the ceo aaron levy. he'll let facebook get the credit for now but like facebook box is taking its time before going public, a strategy he says helps businesses become better prepared for life after ipo. >> a much better business model, make sure their product is much more embedded into culture, pour facebook to have over 9 million users and go public is very, very different 2457b what it was like 10 or 15 years ago. >> and while box is working hard to embed itself into the culture, it also has an alcove for video games. on site hammock, beer keg, and a
6:31 pm
really big slide that looks like this going down. and les it t we mention that even though the business here is cloud content management, this company still knows how to have fun. >> it knows how to put the gloves on and work. could this be the next success story, big sales, big growth, even a young ceo who started the business while still in college. >> the cool thing about the internet is from anywhere in the world at any age you can be building technology and building companies that then get kiss contributed and used by people throughout the world. >> reporter: so box will take its time but don't be surprised if it's the one celebrating soon. it started in a dorm room. they are not talking specific dates yet. they want to take more time to grow. as for facebook itself, it has raised the price of its ipo offering just as of tonight to $38 a share.
6:32 pm
so, jessica, are lots of demand. we're seeing the price already go up. >> thank you, scott. another magazine cover controversy. this time on news week where president obama appears with the caption the first gay president. the cover shows the president with a rainbow halo. the story written by andrew sullivan, an openly gay political blogger who when the blog posted last week wrote that the support of gay marriage brought him to tears. "newsweek's" cover comes just days after "time" magazine's controversial cover featuring a mother breast-feeding her nearly 4-year-old son. >> a lot happening overseas. a peace plan in syria appears to be unraveling. >> janelle wang joins us today with our international headlines. >> the arrival of mother military observers doesn't appear to be doing anything to quell the violence. rebels killed nearly two dozen. it happened where control has been slipping in and out of government hands. that's about 100 miles north of the capital city of damascus. about 250 u.n. monitors from all
6:33 pm
over the world are in syria to enjoy the fragile ceasefire announced by kofi annan last month. the violence is spreading including to neighboring lebanon where supporters of the syrian regime are now fighting. there is some promising news in the middle east tonight, a nearly month long prison hunger strike has ended. israeli and palestinian leaders finalize the deal today in which israel agreed to improve prison conditions. in return palestinians are committed to stop all terrorist activity within prison walls. about 2,000 prisoners took part in the 28-day hunger strike. several have been doing it for 77 days and are in critical condition tonight. both sides rush to reach a deal fearing violence would escalate if a prisoner died of starvation. in greece, the second round of negotiations to form a coalition and failed. the political instability is causing world stock markets to fall all over europe and here in the u.s.
6:34 pm
investors are worried whether greece will remain in the eurozone. republican presidential candidate ron paul is out of the race but not officially calling it quits. today paul announced he is going to stop spending money on the gop primaries, with 104 delegates compared to mitt romney's 966, paul has no chance of overtaking romney but says he will still try and accumulate delegates up until the republican national convention in tampa in august. paul said he wants to go into the convention with a strong message that, quote, liberty is the way of the future. the floor a&m marching band will be suspended at least another year. time is needed to cleanse the hazing culture that led to the death of a drum major as well as implement new guidelines. 13 people face charges in the hazing death of robert channmpi. and those are your headlines. >> ready for lift off at last.
6:35 pm
spis x is ready to launch a robotic capsule to the international space station. this is scheduled to happen on saturday. the event follows two weeks of delays of complete checks of the flight software. now if successful the flight of the dragon capsule will mark the first time a privately built space ship has docked with the international space station. >> getting close to the space station and eventually going in with the space station, and that's the part of the hardware and the software that they're really exercising. >> the next step will be for space x to launch 12 morrow boughtic cargo missions as part of a contract with nasa. eventually the company plans on using a version of dragon to carry up to seven passengers into orbit. it's welcome news for travelers. the largest airlines have been getting passengers to their destinations on time at a record rate. data from the transportation department shows that the trend
6:36 pm
took place the first three months of this year. during that time the top 15 carriers were on time 84% of the time. it was the best ontime air travel performance of any first quarter since the department started collecting data back in 1995. analysts credit the trend to mild weather and fewer flights. so if you're traveling, a bit of good news for you. >> all right. still ahetd at 6:00, allergy season has been a nightmare for lots of people in the bay area. now it turns out the medication you're taking could have a dangerous side effect for your vision. and could you guess what they are? jessica, is it raj? the most popular baby names. is it jeff? >> there were a lot of jeffs when i was in school. take a look at the radar picture. we have rain off to redding, red bluff and chico. this will allow some warming numbers for tuesday. here is the other good thing, our allergy forecast has gotten better. we'll have more coming up in the full allergy report in a few minutes.
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6:39 pm
a very special celebration in the east bay today where an oakland woman is partying on her 111th birthday. yes, it is a party. she told us she was surprise d o be surrounded by so many friends and family. she was born in mexico in 1901. a favorite family story is that while she was there, she met the famous rebel poncho via.
6:40 pm
>> uh-huh, yeah, in mexico. she met him. she and my grandmother lived there during the revolution and that's one of the reasons that they decided to try and come and meet with her brothers here. they were only going to come from a visit. >> she looks great. she made that journey at age 16 and married her husband here. she worked nearly all her life in the candy business as a chocolate dipper and then as a restaurant owner. her positive outlook and impact on the community led to a statue being dedicated in her honor at a nearby park. that happily says, follow me. >> on most reality shows not suitable for children but they are influencing what we name our baby. jacob tops the 2011 list of the most popular baby names followed by mason, the name of kourtney kardashian's son. william, jayden and noah round
6:41 pm
out the top five. michael came in sixth. now for girls, sophia is tops. and here is the influence of the twilight series, isabella or bella for short number two, followed by emma, olivia and ava. girl names tend to change more year to year than the boy names. i have one of each. we're not original. >> you're very familiar with to that list. >> and sophia was going to be a name, too. >> marianne fach row, that's her daughter's name. >> we immediate to be more original. >> do we have a jeff on the list? >> i think 20 years ago i was on there. when i was in elementary school, ten jeffs. well, we have -- >> you're jeff number one to us. >> thank you. i love to hear that. i've been waiting a long time. we have that fog across the coastline. we'll tell you more how long that will linger for tomorrow's forecast and what it means in
6:42 pm
the seven day in a few minutes. and good evening, i'm jim from the xfinity sports desk. coming up, are the golden state warriors heading back to san francisco, and, it's a unique way to experience a baseball game. you don't want to miss a very special baseball road trip. that's next. [ male announcer ] new unisom natural nights. soothes you to sleep with ingredients like melatonin. it's safe with no side effects, so you wake up... ready to go. [ male announcer ] unisom natural nights.
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in health matters new research finds the people with hiv or aids have higher odds of sudden cardiac arrest. in fact, they're four times more likely to die of a sudden cardiac arrest than those in the general population. the findings held true even for people with well controlled hiv. >> allergy medications, we've been taking a lot of them for relief lately. are they causing another problem? optometrists say the medications may increase your risk of developing serious eye infection. >> marianne favro is here to join us and explain why and how and really who is most at risk here, marianne. >> reporter: well, people that take a.m.ery medications and wear contact lenses are most at risk, raj. on top trysts are seeing an increase in those who don't wear contacts. >> the treatment has been working well. >> reporter: ian herman is hoping to warp his contacts soon after an eye infection forced him to switch back to glasses. >> the latest infection was
6:45 pm
pretty bad. i actually woke up and my eye was -- i couldn't even look at the light. it was painful. >> reporter: on top of that, ian has allergies and has been taking antihistamines. gentleman net lee says those medications may have put ian at risk for eye infections. the medications dry out your eyes making contact lens wearers vulnerable. if you take antihistamine, the contact lens then sticks on the eye and that alone can cause a dry patch so that your eye is now primed and ready for an infection. >> reporter: lately she's seen a lot more patients like ian. >> a number of eye infections which came through last weaning, 15% to 20% of patients which is high. >> reporter: even those who don't wear contacts are coming in with infection. >> you can go completely blind. >> reporter: to minimize your risk, dr. lee suggests you limit your contact lens use. use artificial tears to keep your eyes moist and stay
6:46 pm
hydrated. dr. lee says it's important to wash your hands thoroughly before your handle your contact lenses and, if possible, try to switch to a lens that you change every day. with the pollen count high in the bay area, ian has to take allergy medications but uses special drops to moisten his eyes so they won't become targets for bacteria. dr. lee says if you do use artificial tears to moisten your eyes, make sure they're preservative free and suggests women put their contacts in before applying eye makeup. >> very good insight. >> good information there, marianne. let's turn things over to jeff. jeff, you've been following this pollen count for us very closely. >> yeah, we are seeing improving numbers from last week when everything was in the high category. we're starting to see the numbers shaved down slightly.
6:47 pm
well below average at 72. a lot of 60s out and about in the bay. 64 in san francisco and 68 in san rafael. the onshore flow keeping those numbers below average. close to the 50s here near san francisco. 63 in san mateo and those numbers will be dropping off quickly tonight as we do expect not only patchy fog at the coastline but those low clouds that filter inland. a little bit of warming here to make it more comfortable and 80s. a storm system out in the pacific. high pressure is relatively weak right now sitting offshore, is going to stay there. that will primarily keep this cooling breeze in place and the fog developing as we head throughout the next 48 hours. that looks the strongest for tuesday so we'll have that foggy breeze staying with us. by wednesday, that starts to slacken up a bit. that will allow some 80s to return out across our interior sections. as far as our air quality forecast goes, that sea breeze is pushing everything into the good category from the north bay
6:48 pm
over to the east bay down into san jose, morgan hill and gilroy. improving air quality and a slight improvement in those allergies. in the morning hours commuters up along the coastline. also, anyone heading over the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge, the fog the most extensive including the peninsula. it pushes back. still may hang on to fog across santa cruz. expecting a sunny finish throughout your afternoon. we'll begin with 46 in santa rosa. chilly for you there. 49 in san rafael. 51 in san jose and 47. you may have to click on the heaters there into the north bay, the interior valley. just a little bit there. 76 in sunnyvale. 75 in los gatos. that's where we should be this time of year and close to 80s in the east bay like walnut creek at 79. 78 in livermore and 76 in pleasantis on. cooler by the bay hayward to fremont and 60s in alameda. we'll stay with those 60s in san
6:49 pm
francisco, also richmond and berkeley. but we could get up to 71 in oakland and also 72 in san mateo. on your three-day forecast here we go again. numbers going up and numbers it going back down again. by wednesday, mid-80s. then fog and drizzle will return on thursday with a stronger onshore flow and a weaker sys m system. that will bring numbers into the 70s. and then for this upcoming weekend we see a bit of a surge again with low to mid-80s. so not some intense beach weather coming our way but it looks like it could be okay for you out there. all in all not a bad week for us. >> it looks good, jeff. >> okay. let's get to sports. he always has the sharpest tie in the newsroom. >> he's a very sharp type guy. >> from our comcast sports net newsroom. good evening, you two. from 1962 to 1971 the warriors
6:50 pm
played their home games mostly at the cal palace. they also went by the name san francisco warriors. and if mayor ed lee has his way, that name could be coming back again soon. lee hand-delivered a letter to warriors ownership that stated the city is open for business and they want the warriors to come back. the letter was signed by 11 city supervisors plus business and leader labors. mayor lee says the city will work with the warriors to have an arena ready for the 2017 nba season. the warriors said in a statement they continue their due diligence in exploring all potential sights in the bay area. the giants come home tonight fresh off a six-game road trip that saw the g-men take two of three. the diamondbacks had the number prior to that winning nine straight until matt cane got a win on saturday and barry zito on sunday. the giants opened the home stand to take on the rockies this evening. our amy gi has more.
6:51 pm
scuffling with situational hitting this season. on the recent road trip the timely hit started to happen. 14 knocks on mother's day, nine hits on saturday. the g-men began to come through in the clutch n. fact seven of their last 12 runs have come with two out. >> we just go there, have fun, play in the game and don't worry about anything else. just play it and try to win the ball game and that's how we need to play every single day. >> i think just had some bad luck. we got some big hits in the games early. blanco had a couple two-out rbis and i think that maybe got us going. >> we weren't doing much offensively and the guys were pressing a little bit. once we started getting some runs, the club settled down and relaxed. >> reporter: some good news to report on pablo sandoval who had surgery on his left hand to
6:52 pm
remove the stitches this afternoon. he's been swinging a bat lightly. he told me today he feels no pain and even tried to put on a glove. from at&t park, i'm amy gutierrez for nbc bay area. >> all right, amy, thank you very much. one fan who will be at at&t is reggie deal. reggie is going to all 30 major league ballparks in 30 days. and reggie is blind. he's a huge baseball fan. had the idea a few years ago. he had the support of his wife but he's making the most of his trip and doing it alone. so what does reggie experience at the different parks? >> a lot of fond memories. all of the games speak for themselves. i think it's one of the experiences at different games, some more than others, but the experien experiences that happened in the ballpark, some of the people that you meet at the ballpark, on the airplane, so on and so forth. i think those things more than
6:53 pm
anything will be what i'll remember. >> say hi to reggie if you're at the park tonight. thornton was in san jose today to dedicate a new street hockey outdoor rink that was con vukted at mildred gross elementary school. the sharks may not be in the playoffs now but thornton is still ready to lace them up against the kids. >> this is the first. there's a lot of kids here. we'll see if we can put some damage on today. we're ready to play hockey which is exciting. a fun day for us. >> i don't think a lot of people get to. it means alot. it's really cool. >> all right. so now on to the real ice, game one, eastern conference finals, devils/rangers, first period scoreless. ilya kovalchuk.
6:54 pm
elias with a puck to the face. those guys are tough. they played two periods in that game. the rangers and devils and they are scoreless. now that is something that weigh don't have to deal with in our every day lives. very few times do we get hit in the face with flying objects. oh, man. again in the newsroom. again they're throwing stuff at me here, not like in the way i did things. you don't get that over there at nbc bay area, do you? >> he does get that. >> oh, no, we get that. >> usually me throwing something. >> throw something back. throw it back. >> thanks, jeff. for a full half hour, you can watch sports net central on comcast bay area tonight at 10:30.
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a new website is blowing the whistle on customers behaving badly called business beware and it keeps track of patrons who are chronic complainers. don't pay their bills, always trying to get things for free. they are allowed to view the company's database. business beware says it gets customers to pay up by threatening to put them on the website. giants fans are loving this. an all access pass to the hottest merchandise in all of baseball. game-used jerseys, bats, balls, and even the bases. it's part of a new idea taking off at at&t park. see how it works and how you can get your hands on something only the players have had access to. that's after "smash." >> that's going to be popular. all right. let's turn things over to brent cannon. >> yes, tonight bigger and
6:58 pm
deeper cuts, higher taxes. the governor laying out his revised budget plan and our expert will join us to take a look if it's going to work in what must fundamentally change in order to put the money woes behind us once and for all. the u.s. olympian will join us for the quest for the summer games and how he's helping others. >> are you saying a u.s. olympian? >> i did say that. not here. >> but you'll be chatting with the person? >> oh, fun. >> we like it. brent at 7:00. have a great evening. we hope to see you at 11:00 as well.
6:59 pm
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